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With a storied history in re-creating authentic Malaysian cuisine that’s borne of age-old traditions and recipes, the PappaRich brand today is synonymous with bringing the Malaysian experience all over the world through the enjoyment of its carefully-crafted food and homely ambience.
As we take another step forward in our efforts to share our brand story with the world, we look to creating a consistent and palpable brand identity that Malaysia can be proud of.
Our Values & Personality
The PappaRich Brand personality is a reflection of our aspiration as a company that prides itself on creating wonderful renditions of authentic Malaysian cuisine.
The best food, it is said, is always made with love. In all our communication, our passion for food must resonate in the most simplistic and accessible manner.
Therefore, we promote adopting a colloquial yet witty approach to describing our products, so that we may share our passion with the people around us.
The way we speak emphasises our love for cooking, which in turn is the easiest way to speak to someone’s heart and stomach; this concept should be woven into the fabric of the PappaRich brand personality.

* It will take 7 working days for us to courier out the voucher, we seek for your patience
* Please provide us your exact and full home/courier address

Until 31 April 2019

*The value of this voucher stated herein is in Malaysia Ringgit
*It cannot be exchanged for cash, or any other forms of legal tender
*During the redemption of goods, if the value of the goods exceeds the amount stated in the voucher, the difference thereof should be paid by the bearer
*If the value of the goods is less than the amount stated in the voucher, then the difference thereof shall not be refunded to the bearer
*Paparich Malaysia Sdn. Bhd shall not be held responsible for the loss or damage of this voucher and any of the losses or damages suffered by the bearer of this voucher that arise from or in connection with the loss or damage of the vouchers
*Damaged vouchers will be considered as invalid vouchers and will not be replaced
*Vouchers are not refundable and cannot be exchanged with vouchers of other denominations
*Paparich Malaysia Sdn. Bhd reserves the right to vary and amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice

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